Staff Listing

Oral Health America

180 North Michigan Ave, Ste 1150
Chicago | Illinois | 60601
Phone: (312) 836-9900
Fax: (312) 836-9986


Staff Contact Information

Beth Truett
President and CEO

Vern Broders
Director of Finance

Megan Bryck

Elaine Chan-Koepke
Finance Coordinator

Danica Collins
Programs & Communications Coordinator

Jordan Crowe

Dora Fisher
Programs Manager

Jennifer Gilbert
Communications Coordinator

Tara Harper
Program Research & Development Manager

Jonathan Mayo
Database Associate

Brad McLaughlin
Director of Development


Tina Montgomery
Programs Manager

Terigray Nnanabu
Programs & Communications Coordinator

Marie Pospichal
Development Coordinator

Susan Schmitz
Director of Marketing & Corporate Sponsorships

Christine Spencer
Administrative Assistant

Chris Wasko
Lead Designer

Brittany Wright
Communications Manager