About the Report

A State of Decay is Oral Health America’s state-by-state report assessing the status of oral health for America’s 65+ population.

The purpose of this report is to shine a light on the successes and adversities of oral health outcomes for seniors at the state and national level. A State of Decay is designed for use by both professionals and consumers, and helps rally advocates at every level to change the conditions and outcomes of oral health in the United States.

In 2003, Oral Health America commissioned the first in the series (A State of Decay, Vol. I) to gather data on the oral health status of adults aged 65+ in each of the 50 states. Vol. I focused solely on the cost of services and financial reimbursement rates as the primary contributing factor to older adults’ oral health.

While cost continues to be the greatest barrier to accessing oral healthcare, there are many additional complex variables at play. Thus, beginning in 2013, A State of Decay report expanded to highlight both public health and healthcare delivery factors.

The Wisdom Tooth Project is a program of Oral Health America