Tools to Advocate

As a supplement to A State of Decay, Vol. IV, Oral Health America (OHA) has developed this set of tools, templates, and resources that you can use to advocate locally or engage in conversations about how your state is doing.

State Scores

Knowing where your state ranks against others and understanding what has changed can help you decide which policies are most important.

Scores, Methods, & Terms

Download Overall Scores, Methods, and Terms
Download Scores
(PDF 234 kB)

State Scores: 2016 vs. 2018

Download State Scores: 2016 vs. 2018
Download Comparison
(PDF 182 kB)

Also check out some of our State Spotlights to see how other local advocates have changed outcomes in their home states.

Key Messages

We suggest you use these Key Messages when speaking with your state legislators help talk about what the issues are in your state and what your ranking means in A State of Decay.

Download Key Messages
(PDF 235 kB)

How-to Guides & Templates

How-to: Talk About Your Score

How to Talk About Your Score (PDF 599kB)

How-to: Build An Advocacy One-Pager

Template: Custom Press Release

Template Press Release (DOCX 18kB)

Policy Recommendations

Oral Health America (OHA) has developed a set of policy recommendations and actions based on the issues highlighted in A State of Decay. The purpose of these recommendations is to assist advocates and to stimulate change by increasing awareness about the needs of seniors among state and federal decision-makers.

Based on the variables analyzed in this report, the following are OHA’s high-level policy recommendations:

  1. Reinstate, Establish, or Maintain An Extensive Adult Medicaid Dental Benefit
  2. Integrate Comprehensive Dental Coverage In Medicare
  3. Sustain Or Expand Community Water Fluoridation
  4. Include Specific Objectives For Older Adults In All State Oral Health Plans
  5. Conduct Basic Screening Surveys Of Older Adults In All States

Download Recommendations
(PDF 216kB)


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