Desk with coloring sheets and Fall for Smiles signage to announce coloring contest in Dr. Kusnick's office.

Coloring with Fall for Smiles in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When you Fall for Smiles, you’re encouraging families to include oral health in their back-to-school routines, which will ultimately lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Dr. Steven J. Kusnick, an advanced general and cosmetic dentist serving the Broward County area and the Tri-County region in Fort Lauderdale, stays engaged with Oral Health America’s Fall for Smiles by sharing informative updates on Facebook to educate his network about the importance of oral health.

Dr. Kusnick poses with coloring sheet winner, Zachary, who colored Nevi in a festive palette

In 2015, Dr. Kusnick hosted a Fall for Smiles coloring sheet contest with some of his youngest patients. Zachery, winner of the contest, received a $25 VISA gift card for his wonderful artwork. Thank you for participating, Dr. Kusnick!

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