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Oral Health America’s Official Statement on the American Health Care Act

Oral Health America (OHA) believes all Americans should have an equal opportunity to achieve good oral and overall health throughout their lives and supports legislation that helps reach this goal.

Last week’s House vote of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), however, is disappointing because should it survive in the Senate, an estimated 24 million people stand to lose their healthcare coverage.

OHA is concerned that this legislation allows states to apply for waivers eliminating both ‘essential health benefits’ that provide children with oral health care, as well as the cost controlling provisions that protect older adults and those with pre-existing conditions.

The AHCA calls for drastic cuts and changes to the Medicaid program, which will increase the already difficult situation states face in providing adequate funding for dental care. OHA’s concern is also that the AHCA effectively ends Medicaid expansion, and with it, the dental benefits provided to most adults.

Overall, OHA believes that the AHCA increases the number of uninsured and risks the health of millions. As the bill goes on to the Senate, Oral Health America urges Congress to find bipartisan solutions that are cost effective and improve the health of Americans.