Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Provides Dental Care to Child in Las Vegas

Partner Highlight: Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Las Vegas

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile was recently visited by the family of a young boy who lived on a rural Nevada farm. He arrived with his mother and little sister.  His mother shared that her son’s teacher had referred them to the Care Mobile because the program is designed to help low-income families with little or no access to dental services.

The little boy received a complete exam and dental cleaning.  During his examination, a rare condition was identified that prevented some of his permanent teeth from growing, leaving large gaps between existing teeth. The dentist explained that he needed to see an orthodontist to fix the gaps between his teeth.  The mother was concerned about the cost of an orthodontist as her husband provided the sole income for the household.  Staff explained that the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile offers grant funding to cover children’s dental care in rural areas.

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Provides Dental Care to Child in Las Vegas
Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Provides Dental Care to Child in Las Vegas

The staff asked the mother if she wanted her daughter to also be seen that day, with the charges for the visit being taken care of through dental grants.  The mother was thrilled and agreed to have her daughter seen on the Care Mobile.  The staff shared that the Nevada Health Centers team on the Care Mobile could help her submit a Medicaid application for her children and explained that if they were approved, Medicaid would pay for her son’s orthodontics care as well.  The mother appreciated the helpfulness and kindness of the entire team.

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Las Vegas and Nevada Health Centers are proud to provide preventative and restorative children’s dental care on the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile to children throughout Nevada. They are grateful for the ongoing support of funders that make dental services possible for so many families.

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