NSTEP® (National Spit Tobacco Education Project)

Our goal through NSTEP is to prevent people, especially young people, from starting to use smokeless (or spit) tobacco, and to help all users quit.

NSTEP 20 year logoDespite countless studies and reports that link spit tobacco to cancer, tooth loss and tooth decay, more than 9 million Americans put their health at risk by using spit tobacco products. Even more troubling--almost half (46%) of new users are under 18 when they first try it. Teenagers have so many life firsts ahead of them, but starting spit tobacco shouldn't be one of them.

That is why the message of NSTEP® (National Spit Tobacco Education Project) remains so important. For more than two decades, OHA has educated families and the American public about the dangers of smokeless and spit tobacco on oral health and overall health to prevent new users from starting and to help all users quit.

OHA is also part of a coalition of organizations that influenced the limit on use of smokeless tobacco products in Major League ballparks in 2012. For the first time in history, players are unable to use smokeless tobacco products on the field and in front of fans and cameras.

Download our NSTEP Fact Sheet (PDF 145kb) to learn more about its history and goals.