Smiles Across America® Donated Dental Products

The Smiles Across America (SAA) Product Donation Project supports local community efforts to provide oral health preventive services to children most at risk for dental caries.

Smiles Across America Product Donation Project Eligibility

Any locally based program is eligible for the Smiles Across America Product Donation Project if they meet the following program eligibility:

  • Be a non-profit or public health program without available funds to purchase product; or as a result of this donation can demonstrate expanded number of children served
  • Provide preventive oral health services to children with limited access to oral health resources
  • Utilize only properly trained and licensed personnel who operate within state or
    federal practice acts
  • Be in good standing with all local, state, and federal regulatory bodies as they apply
    to your program.
  • Identify Oral Health America as part of your organization’s projects.  This can be through placement of Oral Health America on websites, publications, annual reports, press releases, etc.
  • Have no outstanding reports due from previous product donations from OHA

Product Donation Request Form: Click to Start

Reporting on Smiles Across America Product Donation Projects

All Product Donation Project recipients are required to complete a report of their use of the product.  This report is due 90 days after the completion of their event for on- time events such as a sealant drive, and every six months for ongoing programs.  For programs who are also Smiles Across America grantees, please complete a the grantee product donation report within six months of the request.
Product Donation Report Form
For more information about product donation, please contact:
[email protected]
(312) 836-9900

Are you a company that makes dental product or equipment?

Consider a donation to OHA, and join the growing list of industry partners who believe in ensuring that all children get the preventive care they need for a healthy start in life.  Contact Tina Montgomery, [email protected], or call (312) 836-9900.

Thank you to our extremely generous Smiles Across America Product Donation Partners.