Medicare Dental Toolkit

The resources available in this toolkit are intended to support communication and partnerships among allied organizations and policymakers in order to forge a path toward achieving dental coverage in Medicare.

WHITE PAPER: An Oral Health Benefit in Medicare Part B: It's Time to Include Oral Health in Health Care

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INFOGRAPHIC: Building Engagement Around Medicare Dental

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TIP SHEET: Engage at Every Age


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ADVOCACY ONE-PAGER: Step by Step Guide and Sample

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POSITION PAPER: The Case for a Dental Benefit in Medicare

Position Paper - The Case for a Dental Benefit in Medicare

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INFOGRAPHIC: What Seniors Want in Medicare Dental

Infographic - What Seniors Want in Medicare Dental

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INFOGRAPHIC: Why Dental Care Shouldn't End at 65

Medicare Dental Infographic - Dental Care Shouldn't End At 65

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Social Media Guide: Promoting Oral Health Equity: Advocating for A Dental Benefit In Medicare

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Medicare Dental Coverage Social Shareables

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Supplemental Materials

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