Oral Health America (OHA)

Oral Health America

OHA has currently ceased, and does not intend to renew, active operations. The OHA Board has determined that, due largely to an unanticipated precipitous decline in contributions in the last quarter of 2018 and the unlikely renewal of sufficient contributions in the near future, OHA does not have and is not likely to have sufficient capital and reserves to continue as a going concern. OHA has therefore terminated its existing staff and is preparing documentation to implement a formal and orderly liquidation of its assets, and resolution of creditor claims, through applicable law. As part of its liquidation and final wind-down efforts, OHA is reviewing options to transition pending programs and projects to other entities which may have the financial ability to sustain or manage them; however, OHA cannot at this time guarantee that such options will be viable. As a result of the foregoing, persons or entities who intend to seek grants or other financial support from OHA, including those who have obtained such grants or financial support from OHA in the past, should seek such grants and financial support from other sources. As to persons or entities that have received pledges of financial support from OHA, please note that OHA will likely not have sufficient resources to honor such pledges and that such entities or persons will be notified in due course by appropriate authorities as to whether the proceeds of OHA’s liquidation will result in any distribution on their creditor claims against OHA. OHA deeply regrets being unable to continue with its 65-year mission, and further regrets any hardship that may ensue from its liquidation.

Any questions can be directed to info@oralhealthamerica.org and we will respond as soon as possible.